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Looking for ways to map out your day as an SMO, and optimize your time?

Most people have their own ways of working out their daily routine as social media managers and ensuring everything gets done. But with so many ever-changing deliberations in the social media space, it can be suitable to know how others in the same role manage their time and ensure they are across all the evolving details.

This is where this checklist from Eiffel Marketing comes in. Here, the Eiffel Marketing team has laid out a basic framework on how social media managers can assemble their workday, which could provide some helpful pointers.

Again, you probably have your own strategy and method, and you may not need any guidance on this. But maybe, breaking things down into more specific sections could help to ensure you cover all your opportunities, every day.

Check out the infographic below, while Eiffel Marketing has shared additional insights and tips here regarding social media managers’ work.


Set time for checking Emails:

Begin your day with a nice cup of tea or coffee leisurely scroll through your inbox.

Have a look at your calendar (social media):

Check your social media calendar to see what’s going out on your social media page today.

Engage on social media:

Get back to the conversations that came in last night

Wrap up the morning meetings:

Try scheduling all your meetings in the early hours as this will help you work without any interruption in the later part of the day.

Prepare a to-do list:

As your day starts, priorities will pop up, focus on listening down all the tasks for the day & blocking out time in your calendar for these tasks.



Track analytics:

As a social media manager, spend time making sure that your social media strategy is aligned with your audience’s bottom line goal and that you have analytics to back it.

Content curation:

Keep up with the latest social media trend and adopt them at the right time.

Optimizing ads:

Your job doesn’t just end after you create an ad. Building a campaign that gets enough traffic, engagement, and hits the goal is an ongoing task.


Leverage the trends in news stories to craft relevant content and generate buzz.


Review your day:

Take a look back and analysis your time spent on the major tasks for the day. Review your top distraction for the day and eliminate them to make the most out of the next one.


Stay highly organized:

Managing social media entails you to wear multiple hats. Until and unless you do not have a system in place. You will most probably get lost in a maze of tasks throughout your day.

Don’t multitask:

Be Focused on doing one task at a time passionately. This would allow you to think critically and complete work quicker than doing multiple tasks at once. 

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