Make Your Website Your Company’s 24/7 Salesperson

Your business website can every so often be an unnoticed part of your sales progression.

Today in this digital world, one of the most effective tools for your business is a well-designed visually and technically modern website. However, many websites may not be designed & optimized to work, promote and support the sales process of your business.

Learn to think about your business website as your 24/7 salesperson. It can help to answer questions your customers may ask when you are not able to. It helps build trust that you are always available.

Think deeper about your business website. If it were to be your 24/7 salesperson, would it be helpful in these ways:

Does the information on your business website help users understand services?

The first mai9n thing you need to know is, does your website explain the type of customer you help? Is that data given on the front page so the user can figure it out quickly?

And is there a way the user can contact your company or if you are not available, can at least they stay in touch by signing up for a newsletter or ebook or a form that can help them immediately?

If your website didn’t pass the 24/7 test, here are four ways to resolve it.

Write and publish high-quality content:

Quality content on your website means helpful content that explains the ways your business can help your clients. So, it must be written in a way that your clients can understand easily.

Do not use sophisticated language and industry terms, if your clients are at that level of understanding. It means to explain things in a simple & basic way. And keep in mind that your purpose is to make your potential client understand that you can help them. So, make it understanding for them rather than creating confusion. Because confused people never buy.

Seek to educate and win over your website visitors by explaining what you do and how can you in a concise way. This is high-quality content. Eiffel Marketing is a leading content management company that can help you create high-quality content.

Search Engine Optimization:

Honestly, SEO is the backbone of every business. Only having a website won’t work. It should be in the right place too. This is SEO who tells Google what your web pages then Google can display them in search results.

A very simple example is, your ideal client types their queries/ needs/ into Google to find an answer. How would Google know that one of your blogs answers that question? What you have you do is putting the right keywords (SEO) in that blog post. So that google can suggest you to the users. A 24/7 sales person won’t do a great job if you don’t see what your company’s information could be missed?

In simple, SEO is a key part of making your website is really working for your business. Get a keyword or SEO audit from a marketing company that builds websites. And if you’ve never heard of this term, even there are no worries, it is something that can be fixed. Fine-tuning SEO can only make your website worthwhile & better.

Call-to-action on the website:

Never forget to add a call-to-action feature to your business website. Whether you sell a product, service, course, encouraging users to take the next step is key. The user must have an option to know what they can do next if they are interested.

Where would they approach you?

On-call? Is your number easy to find?

E-mail? Is your email easy to find?

Or a chat option?

On the other hand, if the visitor is interested and still at the information gathering stage, is there a way on your site for them to stay in touch? In a way to:

Sign up for a newsletter

Sign up for a free download

Podcast or any event

Website analytics:

It is important to know how your website is doing. In order to know to get answers to questions like:

Where are visitors coming from before they get to my web page?

Are our online ads working?

Did that talk I gave last week bring any traffic to my website?

These questions and more can be answered by making website analytics. Make sure your website has Google Analytics installed, if not, ask a digital marketing company or a web professional to help you do that.

A word of warning while analytics can be very overwhelming.

Google Analytics can show you numbers, graphs, or information to make even an experienced marketer’s eyes glaze.

The best way to get started is to first ask a question about your website with given three examples and then go into GA to get the answer.

Have a look at your analytics at least once a month, unless you are having an e-commerce site, in that case, you have to look at your sales analytics daily.

You have a sales team

It is hoping that this detail has encouraged you to look at your website as part of your sales team instead, something you ignore. Each of these ideas is easily executed by a marketing professional. If you tackle one thing per month, you’ll be off to a great start.

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