Faster Respond to Social Media Inquiries to Reap the Benefits

Let’s talk about the fact that, the faster a brand respond to messages, tags, or mentions) – the more likely a user is to purchase their products or services. So, all you need to pay attention to is an instant response to your client’s inquiries – People want response and booking of their orders within hours.

Keep Your Current Customers and Followers:

Every business work hard to grow and earn loyalty. Obviously, a customer who is spending money would want to talk to you. And if you aren’t ready with an answer or delay it, they might start looking at your competitor. Either way, simply it can cost you. Therefore, responding to clients quickly is a key factor for your business’s growth.

Surveys showed that 89% of consumers have switched to a competitor just due to poor customer experience.

New Customer Acquisition:

The high traffic social channels like Facebook and Instagram, dealing with your inbox messages have a direct link to potential clients. However, it might be somewhat easy enough to respond with an FAQ document. Also, someone who feels honored and appreciated is more likely to tag you, engage with your posts, and share them. And it can only be done by leaving the user with the resolution that they were looking for and making connections in a timely manner.


If you cannot be online all the time, then auto-replies are the best option. Avoid something generic like ‘we will get back to you soon.’ Be specific.  Make sure your auto-reply carries your brand voice and gives the user some useful material. Here are some valuable ideas to take into your auto-replies:

It can be a link to a more all-inclusive FAQ document

Further, it can be your site hours and location

Most probably, answers to the top 2-3 questions that normally come through

As well as, must include a time frame for response – it is the most important thing to stick in.

Don’t Forget Your Mentions:

When a user mentions you in a post, either he is thrilled with you or shouting from the rooftops about how upset he is. In such a case, the quicker you can respond makes a huge difference. And the best way can be a quicker publicly respond and then move the discussion to DMs.  Hence, you get the opportunity to cool down your angry customers. As well as leaves a good impression on whoever else sees the post exactly how responsive you are.

Prioritize Your Messages:

Largely smart brands jump into each podium to respond to messages by the users. And make sure that they are connecting with people who tag them in posts. Because, missing a tag, comment or mention means missing a chance to engage with your audience. Start using these tips right away to track your goals. You can also take help from a Digital Marketing Specialist from Eiffel Marketing. 

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