Content, Content, Content…. — How To Get #Content Right

The new chant in the digital age. We, as customers are guzzling content like never before. Check yourself how many hours you are on the mobile. Whether for entertainment, work-related information, chat

ting, referencing, business exchange or simply scrolling through your various feeds to amuse yourself. And we can say that you will be using your phone even during work as well.

In Pakistan, as we all know that the digital age is truly proceeding with every brand known to mankind on the digital channel. Who does not have a website or even a social handle in today’s business world? The thing that really matters is the content you are producing.

Business success and growth largely depend on performance parameters. How many likes, shares, and page growth owns your client’s trust.

The critical debate now is how much content is too much content, the quality of the content, and its relevancy to the business.

Many a time the social handles have become vanity handles for the companies to what are their numbers and engagement on their page.

Let’s begin with some hard questions to be answered. We are enlisting some for you to mull over.

Number one, why should anybody come to your page every day?

Secondly, do they need to be educated about your product every day?

How much trivia do you expect them to consume?

What kind of trivia is related to your audience?

How can you reach out to fresher audiences?

How often do you need to reach out to a fresh audience?

What is your strategy for growing the page in terms of quality?

Do you want any followers or followers who are potential buyers?

How much are you ready to pay for strategic content?

Though these are all not easy questions, today, media has come of age where we need to ask these hard questions to grow better.

The million-dollar worthy question that inevitably needs to be answered is why should a consumer come to your page?

So, do you have stories about your brand? Can you make the people see your brand behind the work/design/product? It means the stories about customers perhaps. Interesting information about the product, special qualities and how it is made.

Relevant associations for the brand –people, stories, and pics that are fitting to your brand i.e., minding the brand language & tonality.

What we have observed is that most brands post content mindlessly. We call it hygiene posts just to keep the page alive. It is just like a tick mark that I’ve done.

Good content is an investment, you need a good team/agency who understands your brand image, your business objectives, as well as the desired outcomes you want. Most importantly their core strategic thoughts and execution skills to produce your content.

How able they are planning to host your brand? Are they Serious, information-oriented, entertaining, storytelling, pictorial, testimony oriented, video first? This will help you think for your brand agency. Also, note how often will they post and why? And on which platforms?

Further how often will they come up with new marketing ideas to enhance your social ranking…

All this needs to be given a good thought while developing the content & more significantly the budget. Each platform in society requires a different kind of expertise.

For instance;

LinkedIn -it needs more long-form content

Twitter –needs to be pithy as according to the trends going on or trend creator

Instagram – this is more pictorial & certainly, more storytelling

Facebook — it may require short videos for better traction with real stories of end-customers

YouTube – one actually be educational platform depending on what your product is. Here the customers probably would like to know how to make the best use of your product or service. For example, it could be about lipstick, shampoo, food container, consumer durable, or even a 4-wheel drive.

However, there are some categories that are really encouraging for social, like:

Holiday destinations/tourism. There is so much content you can generate & boost your page.

Craft beer — great storytelling opportunities- usage, moments, etc.

Cosmetics, Malls/retail … pictorial possibilities/video. Very visual in nature.

Museums, architectural monuments, city walks.

Edibles – Fast-moving consumer goods

Snacks and beverages


Mobile accessories

And many many more

Great content contains a little of all as suggested. Informative, human-centric, entertaining, and all of this needs a budget to be set aside which will go a long way.

There is no point in promoting any post or video if the content is not meaningful or produced well. So, let’s put a little more thought into what we all are doing. Two or less per week is far better than producing poorly content just to tick the done calendar.

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